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Shaukat Ali Jawaid

A unique initiative

King Edward Medical College which has been upgraded as King Edward Medical University is a premier and the oldest medical institution in the country. Despite the fact that it suffered from some congenital malformations when it was born, it continues to make good progress. It has not yet fully overcome the teething troubles, separation of medical college and hospital from the university has created lot of problems. However, the new Vice Chancellor Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal and his team has taken some initiatives which deserve to be commended, appreciated and one hope other medical institutions will also follow this example.

The university regularly invites eminent medical personalities and former Principals of King Edward Medical College as chief guest at different functions where they are also given due respect. The two such distinguished personalities who have been honoured on numerous occasions include Prof. Kh. Saadiq Husain and Prof. Mahmood Ali Malik who belong to a rare tribe among the healthcare professionals these days. It will not be an exaggeration to say that they have also earned this respect because they uphold professional ethics, played their innings well as Principal and retired gracefully. None of them ever tried or maneuvered to get an extension in service. There is no dearth of such people in the country who consider themselves indispensable despite the fact that graveyards are full of such personalities.

Organizing farewell receptions for the retiring faculty members, inviting retired faculty and Principals to various functions, giving them due respect is something which must be followed by other medical universities and medical institutions. While on one hand it is important that we give respect to our seniors, it is also essential that these seniors also earn this respect with their attitude and professional behavior instead of demanding respect and recognition. The address by Prof. Kh. Saadiq Husain on the first day of the students enrolled to the medical college last month had numerous pearls of wisdom for the future generation of the medical profession. He not only laid emphasis on upholding professional ethics, ethical medical practice but also gave some useful advice to the Government of Pakistan regarding admission on merit, determining merit for boys against boys and for girls against girls. Not only that he also gave new meaning to KEMU i.e. Knowledge, Ethics, Merit and Ultimate success.

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