University of Health Sciences constitutes a Journals evaluation and recognition committee


University of Health Sciences
constitutes a Journals evaluation
and recognition committee

LAHORE: Hundreds of faculty members in Punjab continue to suffer due to the incompetence and inefficiency of Higher Education Commission, Pakistan Medical Commission as well as the defunct Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. Their cases of further promotion are held up because of the required number of publications which are not being accepted by the provincial health department for various reasons. The most important being the status of the journals in which their manuscripts were published during the last two years. Previously the journals used to be evaluated and recognized by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Journals Committee. However, when PM&DC was replaced with Pakistan Medical Commission, it referred the matter of recognition of journals to the HEC.

The PM&DC Journals Committee had evaluated and recognized some journals while others were provisionally recognized with observations after evaluation. Further evaluation of other remaining journals was in process when the PM&DC was dissolved and prior to that it could not meet quarterly as per earlier Journals Committee decisions for quite some time. Hence the cases of hundreds of faculty members are pending and they continue to suffer for no fault of their own. The Punjab Health Department has now referred the matter to the UHS. Hence, taking the initiative and to help the faculty members, Prof. Javed Akram Vice Chancellor of UHS took the initiative issued a notification No. UHS/VC-22/1269 dated February 16th 2022 and constituted a committee to address the issue of publications in various medical journals. The committee was asked to formulate a list of UHS recognized Medical and Health Science Journals from Pakistan as well as overseas. Members of the committee are as under:

  1. Prof. Jamshed Akhtar Editor Journal of College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan as the Convener. Other members are:
  2. Prof. Akhtar Sherin, Chief Editor Khyber Medical University Journal, Peshawar.
  3. Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, Karachi.
  4. Prof. S.H. Waqar Prof. of Surgery, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, Islamabad.
  5. Dr. Nabiha Farasat, Head Oral Pathology Department, Bolan Medical College, Quetta.
  6. Prof. Nadia Naseem, Editor BIOMEDICA, University of Health Sciences Lahore.

All the above were also members of the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Journals Committee.

The first meeting of the committee was held at UHS on February 16th 2022. Prof. Jamshed Akhtar, Prof. Nadia Naseem, Dr. Nabiha Farasat and Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid were present while Prof. Akhtar Sherin and Prof. S.H. Waqar joined the meeting online. The issue was discussed in detail in the light of the previous meetings of the PM&DC Journals Committee and its decisions. After thorough deliberations, certain decisions to recognize the journals were taken. It was also decided that as per the PM&DC Journals Committee decision all the journals already recognized or provisionally recognized till December 2021 as well as those which were recognized by the Higher Education Commission in various categories will be accepted and the authors who have published their papers in these journals during the last two years will be accepted for further promotion. The minutes and recommendations of the meeting were finalized and signed by the committee members and forwarded to the UHS for further action. The UHS Journals Evaluation and Recognition Committee will henceforth meet regularly and continue to evaluate and recognize various journals for which criteria will be laid down. These decisions will help the faculty members whose cases for further promotion are held up for the last two years.

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